Hosted Services

There are many things that you have to take into consideration when maintaining your own server-room:

  • Primary and Secondary Power
  • Fire Suppression
  • Cooling
  • Administration
  • Network Resiliency

The list goes on and on.  We have been building and supporting networks for over twenty years. We have built a network infrastructure that will support any custom solution you require. We will work with you and provide the best solution to meet your business needs.

Managed Collocation: There are few reasons these days to maintain your own equipment and there are some many reasons not to.  Your business should not be centered around managing a data-center. With our managed collocation services, you can have as little or as much server power as you need. Everything is scalable and as you need more power you can have it in minutes for a small increase in  fee, not an investment of thousands of dollars on a new server!

Private Clouds: has partnered with VMWare to create a platform that will allow you to quickly roll out your own private cloud. The provides you with the benifits of having internet connectivity to every facet of your network infrastructure. Centrally access Office® applications, email, QuickBooks®, etc. Upgrades to hardware such as memory, processor speeds and storage capacities in many cases can be rolled out in minutes with a simple reboot.

Traditional Collocation: If you already have your server configured we can “import” it into our Managed Collocation platform. If you prefer to be ultimately responsible for everything except the Internet access and power, we also have a solution for you.


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