Managed Collocation

With traditional collocation you are required to provide your own server, software and applications. This means that you have to maintain the hardware and ensure that you have spare hardware available to replace any failed components. So now you have those costs added to the hosting costs. When it comes time to upgrade, you will have to purchase a new server, re-install and re-setup everything. There is a better way!

Flexible Growth

We provision you a server and you rent processing power, storage and any Microsoft Software that you need. We will even run regular backups and updates for you. We have arrays of virtual servers, that ensures continued operation even with a server failure. By provisioning a server for your organization, upgrades in memory, storage and processing power can be handled in minutes instead of hours or days. We will work with you to decide how much additional power you need, and then make the changes. in a traditional system you would have to purchase a new server,reinstall everything, and then restore your data. You would then need to go through a testing process to make sure everything works, activate the new server and rerun the testing process to ensure your server is operating as expected. If you have a need for multiple servers, we can expand your service to encompass multiple Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

Custom Configurations

Many vendors suggest a couple configurations for your and then tell you what you have to purchase. It then becomes a question of what you can live with as opposed to a question of what do you need. One size does not it fit all, and in some cases one size does not fit more than one. Spend some time with one of our engineers to create a perfectly sized solution that fits your exact needs.

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