Project Implementation & Support

It is those skill sets that allow us to be a resource for your company or even your existing IT department for planning, budgeting and implementing technology projects. When it comes to project implementation, there are always a series of problems and road blocks that impede the completion of those projects. With our experience supporting a wide variety and styles of networks, we have the ability to bring that experience to bear, allowing us to keep your projects on-time and on-budget.

One of the benefits for our being part of the team that takes your project from its inception stages to completion is our intimate knowledge of how everything works together. This provides an inherent advantage for us to provide support for your company. We have service agreements that will provide you with a level of support and confidence that will allow you to sleep at night, knowing that your network is protected and in competent hands.  If you have an existing IT department, you will never have to worry about them going on vacation or taking time off. We will have you covered. If you do not have an IT department you will not have to worry about handling those problems all by your self. Call us today at 860.450.1737 and ask us how we can help, or send an email to

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