Security Readiness Profile

Our Security Readiness Profile (SRP) takes an in-depth look at your organization’s polices and procedures and how they relate to industry “best practices”. There are several hundred questions across 9 unique sections. When we deliver the final report, it is prefaced by an executive summary that cuts right to the heart of what needs to be addressed. Why don’t you take a quick test to see how you are doing? Here are 10 of the most common questions that organizations do not have a solid answer for:

    1. What security measures do you have in place to: 1.) Protect your data from being taken off-site through the use of removable media (e.g. CD’s, DVD’s, flash drives, etc.) and 2.) Protect your network from people bringing in something from home that could compromise your network?
    2. What type of auditing is performed on the logs generated by your firewall to ensure your network has not been compromised?
    3. Is there an enforced formal process for making users aware of what is and is not acceptable use of Internet access in the work place? Is that information tracked or logged?
    4. Is your networks VPN access audited to ensure that there has been no unauthorized access?
    5. What is the procedure to ensure that your network routing equipment is not operating under excessive capacity?
    6. Have your network workstations security levels been hardened (e.g. administrative privileges removed)  to prevent users or viruses from installing software?
    7. Are all virus incidents managed in a secure manner, in that they are cleaned up, investigated, reported to management, and properly documented?
    8. What type of monitoring is currently in place to track what is considered to be normal network traffic? What alerts have been put in place to notify network administrators of unusual traffic?
    9. If your building is damaged or destroyed, is the media required to install software and the backup media to restore the data located at a secure off-site location?
    10. With what regularity do you test your disaster preparedness/recovery plan?

If you could not answer 6 of these questions with a solid positive answer, then we highly recommend a complete audit. Call us today for more information at 860.450.1737 or email us at

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